July 15, 2020

Meg & Jake | Bath Maine Engagement Session

Meg and Jake’s engagement session was like none I’ve ever experienced. We planned on meeting at Popham Beach a landmark of beaches that I’m still amazed I’ve never enjoyed, being the beach lover that I am. I was very excited to capture these two and hear all about the details of how Jake proposed there. After all, that was the inspiration for this location. We had no plans for a Bath, Maine engagement session.

Because they had over a two-hour drive Meg and Jake decided to make a day trip of their session! They even brought a couple of friends to enjoy the day with. I received a text from Meg letting me know they had arrived, and it was very foggy. Me being an optimist I think the fog is going to work in our favor, and have no worries. Unbenounced to Meg I am just 20 minutes away and the sun is shining.

A wall of fog consumed me as I pulled into the parking area. As a natural light photographer, this had me worried, but I meet up with Chris (my second shooter) and we decide to stay optimistic. As we approached the beaches entrance things took an unexpected turn. They announced the beach was closing and they were enforcing their lighting protocol because they heard thunder! At that point, I was really worried. There was so much fog you couldn’t even tell we are on a beautiful beach. We had no glow, and only had access to the parking lot. On top of that, there was no cell service! How would I ever make magic happen?

Very quickly I tell Chris we need to find Meg and Jake (thank goodness she had the forethought to text me the make and model of there car and exactly where they parked).

I have a rule that the first 15 minutes of every engagement session needs to be relaxed with no expectation. This gives everyone a chance to get comfortable. And within the first 10 seconds, I asked them to change their entire plan, and drive 20 minutes back to Bath, Maine for their engagement session. This was nerve-wracking. Having their engagement session at Popham Beach was important to them. But I knew they deserve dreamy light, they deserve a verity of beautiful photos, and I could only deliver that by quickly coming up with a plan B.

Thankfully Meg and Jake are the most easy-going couple and agreed. Even though they knew nothing about Bath, and couldn’t envision what this would look like. Chris gave them the address and we uprooted their whole day!

Bath is a beautiful little town, on the ocean. We found a great park that even had a little glow. We made it through the awkward first fifteen minutes, we laughed, and got to know more about each other. By the time the rain rolled in, we were all in agreement that plan B turned out pretty great. I have to admit Bath is no sandy beach, and it has no sentimental value for Meg and Jake. So we are happily planning a mini session on a day when the chance of rain is zero. Because we need those dreamy cotton candy skies, in the exact location Jake got down on one knee and asked Meg to be his Wife.

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