July 22, 2020

Demee & Will Maine Summer Wedding

Many couples worry about the what if’s? What if we’re running late? Or what if our guests get lost? What do we do if it rains during our summer wedding in Maine? For most of these questions, I have solid answers and backup plans in place that ease their minds. But the weather is out of my control. The forecast was calling for a tropical storm and Saturday was going to be a complete washout. I did the only thing I could do and I asked my entire family including my 84-year-old grandmother to pray. The ceremony was outdoors, and we were already on plan C or maybe D because of the pandemic. There was no tent, no building to move their guests into, so we truly needed a miracle.

Miraculously the rain stopped as Demee was getting into her dress. It was just in time for her to walk onto the dock for the sweetest first look with her grandma. Even from a distance, you could hear her Gram ask if it was okay to cry. These are the moments that you look back on from your wedding day and treasure for years. This story is one I can already hear myself sharing with other couples. This was a moment that we made time for. We made time for the countless hugs. The tears of pure joy, and the soft exchange of whispers between the two of them.

Demee and Will’s summer wedding in Maine looked a lot different than they had originally planned. Before the pandemic, they were planning on having a big barn wedding at the stunning Timber Hitch Farmhouse. When they realized that they were going to have to keep their wedding extremely intimate and only have a ceremony, plans changed. It was just a few weeks before their wedding that they knew for sure they would be able to have their ceremony in the exact spot that their forever home would eventually be built. Every detail of the wedding was beautiful. The aisle was lined with the verse 1 Corinthians 13 and two pews that were recovered from the church Demee’s family has been attending for generations sat on either side of the arbor.

This wedding was not big or flashy. This wedding was meant to celebrate two people who are so in love there was no way they could wait another year before officially saying I do. Their ceremony was short but it isn’t the length that makes it impactful it is how you use the time that matters. Every guest in attendance prayed over Demee and Will. The pastor encouraged them to not only say their vows but to memorize the vows that they said to each other. The vows you say on your wedding day hold meaning. They are not just words you repeat, they are a promise, and those vows are what will get you through any storm that comes your way.

After their ceremony, they shared one of my favorite first dances surrounded by less than 20 people. And just as we finished taking photos with their wedding party it started to rain.

What if it rains on your wedding day? What if it rains and there is no other location. No beautifully restored farmhouse. No shiplap walls or farmers’ porch. It is just two people madly in love standing on the piece of land where they plan to build the rest of their lives together. You do the only thing you can. You smile into the eyes of the person you just married and you let the rainfall around you.

Every single moment of this wedding was magical. From the skies clearing so, they could say I do to the wind blowing Demee’s Vail during their first dance to the rain coming down as they laughed and popped the champagne. This was not the day they originally planned, but in so many ways I think it was better.

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