July 14, 2021

Maine Extended Family Photos

These extended family photos in Maine were a joy to photograph. I had the honor of capturing the Douglass’s first family photo session last fall. Taking their extended family photos this summer was so much fun.

We originally planned for a sunset session to get that stunning glowy light over the lake at their Maine family home. However, mother nature had other plans. The day we were scheduled to take these photos, it rained all day and was so gloomy. It was a relief everyone could reschedule before heading back out of town.

Extended family photos can be a challenge to coordinate, but this family did an amazing job! Their outfits were not matchy but instead complemented each other. These five sisters helped get kids to smile and look in the general direction of the camera. But some of my favorites images had a couple of the kids in those big crocodile tears. I loved capturing each family individually. They are all in different seasons of life. As a mom, I know how important these photos are to them.

As a Maine family and wedding photographer, I get a lot of different requests. People have asked to add sentimental details. They have also included their dogs in many photoshoots. But this was the first time anyone has added a cat. Pets are important members of our families. So I think you should always include them during your family photo session.

If you have been contemplating about having your family get together for a large photoshoot my vote is yes! Think back on when the last time you had professional photos taken with your grandparents, your parents, and all your siblings, with their kids. My guess is it was at someone’s wedding. You should not just be making these memories. You should be documenting them as well

This is just a small sample of their Maine extended family photos. Their gallery will be full of even more smiles.

You can view the Douglass family’s fall session here

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